LCL in the Alps!

Eva will give two talks in Europe next week, representing the truly cross-linguistic work the lab has been working on:

The first talk will take place at the conference Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Processing and Learning (X-PPL) in Zurich, and Eva will present joint work with Ashwini Vaidya (IIT Delhi) on processing light verbs in Hindi in the their talk Practice makes perfect: Frequency of language-wide predicational strategy eases processing cost in Hindi light verb constructions.The second talk will take place at the 14. Bayerisch-Österreichischen Dialektologentagung in Salzburg, where Eva and her collaborator Andreas Trotzke will talk about their work on a variety of Bavarian: Mogst a weng a Schnitzala? Eine psycholinguistische Untersuchung zur referenziellen Verkleinerungsfunktion in ostfränkischen Nominalphrasen.

LCL @ AMLaP Moscow

The Lab will be represented at AMLaP Moscow with one talk (Talk B2)

Björn Lundquist, Martin Corley, Eva Wittenberg:
Priming of (in)transitivity in reading

…and one poster:

Mohammad Momenian, Shuk Ka Cham, Jafar Mohammadamini, Eva Wittenberg, Brendan Weekes, William Marslen-Wilson:
Contrasting Cross-linguistic Effects of Semantic Transparency: Evidence from Cantonese and Farsi Compounds

See you in Moscow!