Looking for Research Assistants!

How do speakers get from thought to language? How do comprehenders get from form to meaning? What are the biological underpinnings of this magical process? How did evolution get us here? What is the best way to test our hypotheses on language and cognition?

Those are the questions that the Language Comprehension Lab at UCSD seeks to answer. We are a new lab, and we are looking for curious, interested, quick-thinking and independent students to assist in all tasks relevant to running a lab: designing, programming and running experimental studies; literature searches, scheduling and organizing; asking questions and thinking about ways of answering them. If you join us, you will be an integral part of our lab-building process. Some of the tasks will be boring, some of them will be exciting, but you will definitely learn something.

To apply, please visit our Join our Lab! page and fill out the application form.