Principal Investigator:

eva - 1Eva Wittenberg

I am interested in how the mind assembles meaning, how this capacity came to be, and how it interacts with other cognitive abilities. I investigate the decisions that speakers face when they wrap their messages in grammar. Speakers make structural choices dozens of times per day, and listeners rapidly process them, make inferences about why something was said in a particular way, and create a representation of the speaker’s intended meaning in their minds.



Senior Staff:

adamAdam Morgan

I’m a graduate student in Psychology with interests in language production (How do we translate thought to language?), the neural organization of language (Where and how does the brain store abstract syntactic information?), and the reasons underlying typological patterns in syntax (Why do all* SVO languages put relative clauses after nouns? Why do all languages that use resumptive pronouns also use gaps? Why are there so many SOV languages?  Can general processing mechanisms account for these patterns or could they stem from innate linguistic knowledge?).

* All-ish; Chinese is an exception.



shotaShota Momma

I’m a post-doctoral researcher in Psychology. I am interested in how people speak and understand languages and how the syntactic processes in understanding and speaking are related to each other. I study whatever properties of languages using whatever methodologies that are suitable for answering interesting questions about how we build the representations of sentences in speaking and understanding.






Lauren Oey

As a graduate student in Psychology, I am broadly interested in the interface between language and cognition. In particular, I use computational and behavioral methods to examine how efficient communication is influenced by social inference (e.g. common ground and expectations about the interlocutors) and statistical properties of the world (e.g. context and information theory).



Research Assistants:


Annie Chai

As an undergraduate student majoring in Linguistics and Psychology, I am interested in multilingualism and the different cognitive functions behind the comprehension of languages. Currently I am seeking to learn more about how multilingual speakers and monolinguals differ in terms of language processing. Furthermore, I hope that by researching the specifics of how language shapes cognition and vice versa, I can promote the social benefits of psycholinguistic studies.





Phillip Lagoc

Currently, I am majored in Cognitive Science, with a specialization in machine learning and neural computation. I want to find more about how machines can improve in language processing and, ultimately, be more human-like. I also want to see if our own language processing mechanisms behave differently across different languages. I wish to become more involved in scientific research so that in the future, I may help educate others and inspire them to also contribute to the advancement of science.






Samantha Ngan

I am an undergraduate joint mathematics and economics major with a business minor planning on also pursuing double major in linguistics.  I am interested in how other’s perceive an individual with a regional dialect different from their own, especially when it comes to the world of business.  I am excited to be working in the language comprehension lab and look forward to collaborating with others.






Mohit Gurumukhani

I am an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science. I am interested in how people interpret language and how brain stores language information. I hope to contribute to the lab with my background in computer science and work on exciting projects!





Sophia Butler

I am an undergraduate majoring in International Studies with a disciplinary focus in Linguistics. Linguistics is fascinating because there is so much more to study and learn about it, and although we don’t always notice, language and language policy are important and often politicized parts of our lives. I am excited to research the cognitive processes behind syntax and morphology, especially in multilingual or cross-linguistic contexts.





Rebecca Xu

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Linguistics and Psychology with a minor in Business. I am interested in learning how people extract particular meanings based on the structure of sentences, particularly in choice of diction and word order. I am also curious about how multilingualism can affect our interpretation of English. I’m eager to learn more about research, and I especially look forward to starting here in the language comprehension lab!





Madeline Grubbs

I am an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics with an interest in data analysis. Currently, I am focused on designing more efficient algorithms for filtering and drawing out patterns in data as well as further expanding my knowledge of statistics and experimental design.









Suhas Arehalli

Now at JHU






Miguel Meija

Now at BC







Talia Orrtalia









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